The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for your new handbag.

HANBAGS are not only necessary to carry daily essentials - they’re also the easiest way to update or add a fashion trend to your outfit and show off your personality. Body types and fashion styles are all considered, but how do you know which style or type is best for you?

Every girl has need for many many many (did we mention many?) different types of bags. And a quick look around tells us that every shape, style and colour already exists.

But there’s one problem. When we set out to buy a bag however, we know what we want - but we don't necessarily know what to look for.

Here's the low down on the most popular bag types to help you search easily.

The Bucket Bag:

Geniously named because well, lets face it - it looks like like a bucket. It has a large round base, generally an open top and a strap style to close. The Bucket Bag is extremely handy for that outing when your outfit is a little plain and you just need to bring the glamour.

Clutch Bag:

Hello handy clutches! Usually strapless a clutch provides hands free fun - just tuck it under your arm - which allows plenty of opportunity for schmoozing or guzzling down those yummy party snacks. Generally small in size you’ll need to only pack the essentials (phone, money, ID, lipgloss and keys).

Cross Body Bag:

Another hands free option. Cross Body Bags feature a strap that sits high on one shoulder and across your body to the opposite hip. Clever access and super easy to wear leaving your hands up in the air like you really just don’t care.

Doctor Bag:

Remember the scene in Dirty Dancing when Baby goes to get her Doctor dad? She picks up his bag by the handle at the door and waits for him to come. Well, a Doctor bag is just like that. The style has a distinctive teardrop body and front flap and can fit a huge amount of extremely important lady things inside. All of which is vital to carry around with us everywhere. Surely.

Hobo Handbag:

The ultimate shoulder handbag. It’s slouchy and easy to use because of it’s moon shape. Daytime, nighttime, anytime - this handbag is a winner.

Messenger Bag:

Big or small, these messenger bags are like a courier style bag. Similar to a cross body bag only meant to sit not on your hip but further behind -on your lower back. Another perfect hands free option that gives you more hands to browse those sale racks…

Tote Bag:

According to Wikipedia, the term tote (meaning "to carry”), can be traced back to the 17th century but was not used to describe bags until 1900 - with the craze really taking off in the USA in the 1940s. A tote is generally a large and often unfastened bag with parallel handles from each side. Totes are handy to shop with, beach with, get away with or just to carry excess bits and pieces daily. It’s one of the most popular styles of bags and every girl should own at least 45 different colour totes… well, we think so anyway.

Wristlet Bag:

A bag small enough to hold in one hand a wristlet also has a handle to wrap around you wrist. Keeps only the basics and probably won’t fit a whole wallet. Handy for a quick trip to the shops or when dancing the night away.

So whether you need a new bag for a special occasion or are just looking for a change in what you carry everyday, check out a new style. It'll probably change your life;)